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Aug. 19th, 2012

~ Jrock sales post ~

Cleaning out my closet of stuff. Feel free to ask any questions or request more detailed pictures!
note: I am using a not so good 3DS camera as my old camera broke. Sorry about that.

I am willing to do trades for any Doctor who related merch/dvd's of the 10th and 11th doctor series.


 Paypal in CAD or USD
If your Canadian I can work out other payment options.


VIA canada post http://canadapost.ca 
I ship international, but CAN & US are preferred.
Please leave me your POSTAL/ZIP CODE and COUNTRY if you are asking for a shipping qoute. It helps to get things done faster~


I am not responsible for any damage or loss made by the postal services, once the package leaves my hands I have no control over it. 
No reunfunds/exchanges.

feedback here : http://coffee-kun.livejournal.com/2505.html

email me at mr.shoebox () gmail.com
Thank you ~

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May. 25th, 2012

(no subject)

wow I haven't updated this in awhile.

anyhow I'm not to active in making journals, though I'm pretty active in the communities I'm in.

Here are some other places you can find me.

森 @ pixiv
mori @ Deviantart
mori @ tumblr



Aug. 8th, 2011

▲Book's n' Stuff▼ Coffee kun sales


Feel free to make an offer if you don't like the prices, I will accept any REASONABLE offer thank you ^ u ^
Open to trades as well see my wishlist below~ Feel free to ask if you think I might be interested in something not listed ~!!


Paypal in CAD or USD
If your Canadian I can work out other payment options.
I will invoice you so please leave your paypal address

VIA canada post http://canadapost.ca 
I ship international, but CAN & US are preferred.

Please leave me your POSTAL/ZIP CODE and COUNTRY if you are asking for a shipping qoute. It helps to get things done faster~


feedback here : http://coffee-kun.livejournal.com/2505.html

Comment here or email me at mr.shoebox () gmail.com
Thank you ~

() = @

Golden Sun [GBA]
Golden Sun: A Lost Age [GBA]
ZELDA games [NDS , GBA only]
Animal crossing: Wild World [NDS]
Katamari [ANY for PS3/PS2)
Ico x Shadow of Colossus combo [PS3]
Assassins Creed: Brotherhood [PS3]
Assassins creed Revelations [PS3]
Pokemon merch/figures


books are pretty heavy to ship so for items being sent to the US
I use bulk plain mailing envelopes (yellow) and may use a cardboard to protect from damage/being bent
to make it lighter

for international I will be using bubble mailers by defualt since it has to travel so far I don't trust the little mailer envelope
but it makes the books a bit heavier/bulkier which means shipping will be a bit high too.

I also recycle mailing materials.

if this a problem let me know and I'll do my best ! :)

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HERITAGE axis powers hetalia illustration anthology
Artist: Various (34 artists total)
Info: http://kidchan.deviantart.com/journal/27793633/
* this is the journal of one the artists advertising the pre-order on deviantart. Though it is long out of print now and no longer for pre-order.

boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai ( I have few friends)

$8 each
Text: Japanese w/ furigana
About: Hasegawa Kodaka, a newly transferred student who arrives at his new school and has trouble making friends. He's ostracized due to his blonde hair making people think he's a delinquent, and it gets to the point that when he sees his bad-tempered classmate Yozora talking to herself (actually to her imaginary friend) he decides what the heck - she doesn't have any friends either. They start talking, and decide to form a club for the purpose of befriending others without many friends, the "Rinjinbu".
* furigana means it has the hiragana pronouciation above the kanji making it easy to read for those learning Japanese

Nabari No Ou
Vol. 1~3
$5 /each
Info: Text is in Japanese w/furigana

灼眼のシャナ (Shakugan no Shana)
シャナ - Shana nendoroid
Somewhat Rare and out of print
$68 shipped in us/canada

Takamichi LOVE works artbook
Info: Full colour
Extra: Comes with Obi.
Warning! Does contain mature content. (naked girls to be exact, Theres only about 3-4 Illus. like this in the entire book.

Katekyo hitman reborn
$8 each
Info: From various circles / multiple pairings
* please ask for samples/more info.

Misc. $5 each
Black butler - cielxsebastian
Persona 3 - various pairings - I haven't played the game yet so I don't know the names

Miyavi Neo Tokyo Samurai LE DVD w/ USB bracelet VOL.1
$48 + 15 shipping (air) in us/canada
Info: DVD region free
Miyavi 2010 tour DVD vol.1 limited edition
Extras: Photobooklet, USB memory bracelet. (contains extras, digital goodies)

Plastic Tree live DVD ZERO

Info: Two disc
DVD is region "ALL"

アンティック-珈琲店 Antic Cafe
Gokutama rock cafe Single
Info: Gokutama Rock cafe single normal edition.
Condition: Good - Complete (booklets & Obi )
Cherry saki yuki single
Info: Single release for Cherry Saku Yuki includes bonus tracks
Extra: DVD Music videos of the singles included (region 2)
Condition: Good - complete (slip case, booklets & Obi)
Jack in the box
Info: Teppei koike single debut album
extra: DVD "making of" behind the scenes. and music video for "Kimi Dake"
Condition: Good - complete (booklets & obi)

Victory road to king of rock album
Info: Miyavi album
Condition: Good
Cell Straps

Utada Hikaru
New - sealed

WaT collection album
Info: Collection album of the duo WaT (Teppei Koike & Eiji Wentz )
Extra: Cute Cell strap of both WaT members
Condition: fair - case is slightly cracked see photo


TORA DORA! Cell straps by GSC
$5 /each
Kawashima Ami normal x 1
Minorin waitress x 2

Love plus + for DS game
Info: Never ending love ~ Dating sim game. Choose from 3 girls and make her become your forever girlfriend. Game text is in Japanese, there are a few translation sites for it though.
Fully voiced and animated (3d)
extra: This version of the game includes extra content not available in the first one (Love Plus)
which include new scenes, outfits, hairstyles.
Q: Will it work on my DS?
A: YES! The DS, DSlite, DSi all have no region protection the game works fine on Canadian/American systems and will work on all other systems from around the world.

Japanese Practice cards
Word of the day, Greetings~
Info: Kindergarten level Flash cards for common greetings.
One side shows the situation (question), and the otherside (answer) Shows what you are suppose to say in the situation.
Cards are pretty stiff (like playing cards) and have a hole ont he side for a ring for easy use.

That's it! Thanks for looking~

Mar. 21st, 2011




Sep. 3rd, 2010



Jul. 10th, 2010

::FEEDBACK :: page

Please leave feedback here if you have purchased from me, thank you ^O^ ~

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